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Motorway barrier

A highway barrier is a modular concrete barrier used to separate traffic lanes. It is designed to minimize damage to the vehicle in the event of accidental contact, while preventing head-on vehicle collisions.

A form in the form of a highway barrier is used to make this barrier.


Technical parameters:

  • Dimensions (I x W x H) : 200 x 54 x 90 cm
  • Concrete quantity : 0,65 m3
  • Product weight: 1560kg


In order to make a bonding barrier, a bonding barrier mold is used. During the pouring of concrete, dedicated profiles are placed in it. The connecting barriers can be rotated with each other at a rotation angle of 22.5 degrees and the desired shape of the partition can be obtained from the barriers.

A half mold is used to produce barriers that are half the size. Barriers that are half the size provide more flexibility in the turns of the barrier wall. The forms of these barriers are equipped with a partition, with which two barriers of approximately 1 meter length are cast.

Barrier forms are convenient to fill using a funnel form.


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