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T2200, 25-60m³/hour

The unit has an integrated electrical generator, two chemical additive pumps, a high pressure washer and an air compressor for maximum work flexibility and productivity. The production capacity is 25-60m³/hour in the production of commercial or technological concrete. When producing a dry mixture, we can achieve a productivity of 70-75m³/hour.

This mobile concrete plant is the ideal solution for concrete production in remote areas. The concrete unit is prepared quickly. It does not need a special and smooth base to be placed at the workplace. When it is transported to the site, the truck trailer is unhooked and placed on adjustable legs.

Technical data:

  • production capacity 25 – 60 m³/h
  • mixer capacity 2200 L
  • the amount of concrete to be mixed is 1500 L
  • the power of the electric motor of the mixer is 55 kW
  • water capacity 750 L
  • filling hoppers 4 x 2.4 m³ (can be increased to 4 x 3.9 m³)
  • material dosing accuracy ± 0.5 %
  • supply voltage 3 x 400 V / 125 A / 150 KVA
  • dimensions (W x H x L) 2500 x 2960 x 13600 mm
  • mass 21200 kg


Manufacturer Fibo intercon (Denmark)


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