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We renovate the electrical and automatic parts of old concrete units.

We dismantle the old manual control, install new scales (electronic weight sensors) for inert materials, cement, water. We install a gravel moisture sensor, a dosing system for chemical additives, and an automated control system for all equipment. We can also change the force part.

An unlimited number of recipes can be entered in the system. The entire process of concrete production begins by entering the quantity and brand of concrete to be produced and starting the system with the help of a mouse. All mixes are written to memory, so the system has the traceability of the concrete produced. In the system program, it is possible to see the consumed production quantities of materials.

After installing this system, the concrete unit can be certified and certified concrete can be produced, declarations of conformity can be issued. We can help certify your concrete unit.

We provide a guarantee for all work. We fix malfunctions after arriving at the location or at a distance. We use only European and time-tested equipment.

Services , Skoda - concrete production equipment
Services , Skoda - concrete production equipment

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