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Big Bag cement silo

The vertical Big bag 3.0m³ capacity cement silo is welded from metal and has adjustable height support legs.

The Big Bag silo consists of a cement hopper, a cement auger, a cement auger counterweight, a cone with an outlet, an upper hatch, a net for cement introduction, a bag cutting knife, control equipment, lifting loops for silage transportation.

Designed for bulk materials such as Portland cement or lime with a density of 1.13 t/m³.


• economical
• easily prepared for production
• low costs
• simple cleaning, maintenance and service
• controlled by the concrete production controller in the concrete unit

The Big Bag silo can be combined with the following equipment:

• a vibrator
• cement bag ripper
• frequency converter
• remote control


Manufacturer Fibo intercon (Denmark)


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